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German/Deutsch, English and danish speaking.

Guided walks or bike tours in Copenhagen in English: Have fun, be informed, get inspired and meet Danish lifestyle with me as your local guide.
(For German: Kopenhagen auf Deutsch)

I am a Danish tourist guide with a background in journalism, so I can tell stories and guide private tours in Copenhagen.
If you want to know where to go or what to do in Copenhagen, come along and meet the everyday local life me and my friends live. Avoid the mainstream tourist tracks. Get your guide here for sight seeing in Copenhagen.

Happiest people in the world!
Join me to explore why Danes are among the top three happiest people in the world. One explanation is that we just have to have good laughs to cope with our high level of taxes!

Enjoy some happy Danish lifestyle on a walking tour, riding a bicycle, sailing on the beautiful canals or tasting a Danish pastry.

Safe, green, and sustainable

Copenhagen is a very green city and peaceful compared to most cities. You can cycle along the harbour front and reach beaches and nature in just 30 minutes. And more and more people choose Copenhagen because it offers a sustainable vacation and is a safe place for a holiday.

Meet the local life in Copenhagen
As a local tourist guide I want you to have a great time and introduce you to our authentic, Danish lifestyle. And of course give you unforgettable memories from your holiday in Denmark. Meet cool Copenhagen.

Member of the official Danish „Tourist Guide Association“ and the international FEG – the mark of excellence in tourist guiding around world.
I am certified to guide in all museums, castles, and attractions.

Best regards, Gitte Merrild

PS: I think it helps, that I have worked 30 years as a journalist, grew up in Toronto, studied in Washington State, and spent seven years in Germany (click here for German/Deutsch).  If you think so too, have a look at my guided tours and send me an email or a text message.

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