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Let me guide you through the busy and vibrant city and explore the Copenhagener life.

I can take you on a walking tour and show you the palaces where the Royal family used to live, the summer residence and where they actually live now.

I know the best places to eat and shop and I can show you the peaceful and relaxing places.

The city contains interesting buildings from the renaissance period built by Christian the 4th, and the new modern ones, which fit in well with their surroundings.

We can go to one of many museums which tell the history of Denmark, the Royal family and also art galleries. There are many different churches with beautiful interiors, which are really a visit worth.

The waterfront
Copenhagen is surrounded by water and it’s easy to get on one of the many boat trips around Copenhagen. The waterfront used to be a busy industrial harbor, but during the last 10 years it has turned into a cultural harbor, which houses many galleries, restaurants and cafés.

Ouster beds can also be found at the harbor front. Let’s go there and experience all the sights, sounds and smells of the new vibrant part of Copenhagen and see how the Copenhagen way of life is.

Experience Denmark with a touch of Greenland
As I was born and raised in Greenland, I will tell you about the bond between Greenland and Denmark. I work as a freelance tour guide, mainly in Copenhagen. I have a background in the travel industry as a travel agent. I will show you parts of the city and make your time here a memorable visit.

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